If you verify that the certificate is the one that you expected, you are sure that you are communicating with the correct server. Java uses Unicode as its native character encoding method; however, most databases use a different character encoding method. Performance Gain application improvements with the most complete suite of performance features on the market. A JDBC applet that you download to your browser runs in the Java Virtual Machine of the browser and does not have access to the list of trusted certificate authorities that you have configured for your browser; therefore, you must provide you own verification checking. Day One Support for disruptive technologies with frequent release cycles. For descriptions of connection attributes, see “Connection Attributes”.

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Although your SequeLink server may be configured to use the default port, you still must specify the correct value for the port in the connection URL. Make sure that the URL you specified is compatible with the specifications explained in seqelink Attributes”. The server component must be SequeLink Server 4.

Use the native error code to emrant up details about the possible cause of the error. When you open a JDBC connection, a java.

Appendix C

How do I convert it to DER format? Variety Unleash your application roadmap with the largest variety of data sources and interoperability features.


DDFs describe the Btrieve data structure.

Empty string If an empty string is specified, no changes are made to the library list. The preceding examples do not show the user and password connection attributes.

NET and OData connectivity for any data source on any platform. For more information meratn the error’s possible cause, review the proxy server log file. MDB Microsoft Access database file on the server. This identifies the Sybase database you want to access. Eight of the top nine BI vendors and five of the top six data integration tools partner with us for a reason.

See Trademarks for appropriate djbc. The database name is the full pathname of the directory on the server that contains the FoxPro files and data dictionary files DDFs. These files must be present for a successful connection. Bulk data movement increases performance without increasing costs Significantly reduces the cost and time of deploying and maintaining applications Single JAR for Megant creates scalability and ease of deployments.

When I try to connect to my SequeLink server I get a “netscape.

Btrieve ODBC and Sequelink JBDC Driver Reference Information

The specified libraries are added to the top of the library list of the server process. Global leader in enterprise software for the construction industry needs to share Progress OpenEdge application data with third party BI tools.


Connect any application to any data source anywhere. I’m downloading my applet from a Mreant server using Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I get the following exception: The values for this attribute depend on your Java Virtual Machine. Services Consulting Education Modernization Outsourcing.

Connect Any Data Source to Any Application

The user and password attributes identify the host user account under which the SequeLink Server process should run. If it is, make sure that you specified the full pathname correctly: Performance Gain jbdc improvements with the most complete suite of performance features on the market.

For more information about specifying user authentication levels, refer to the SequeLink Administrator’s Guide.

This means that only you and the server with which you are communicating can decipher the communication. Specify this parameter using either of the following formats:. These are the user and password authorizations required by the data source, defined on the server.

I have a server certificate in PEM format. You can choose from the following values:.