About The Keyboard – Using Windows Xp The battery that came with this was the standard 6 cell battery. Have to opened or changed anything in the computer before this happened? Removing And Replacing A Part fru When playing Far Cry for awhile it heated up, but not enough to be uncomfortable sitting on my lap. Numeric Error Codes

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Answered on Feb 09, No low grade stuff in here that i could find.

The top has nothing except for the LG logo in the center. There is lots of good stuff about this, but here are some of the things Pm50 thought were highlights. But, for those seeking a cheaper option there are also the LS50 -5, -6, and -7 giving lower specs but same build and quality. Using The Irda Port Minor improvements would have been liked but qireless one can have it all.

LG LS50 Review (pics, specs)

The guys at Online Electronics Inc. Fairly light weight 2.


Changing The Desktop Background Answered on Feb 11, Using The Battery Pack Important Safety Instructions Using Windows Xp Viewing from above does wash out colors towards white, and from below they get darker. There is a hot key to toggle the touch pad if needed, which is always nice to have.

The design of the new LGs carry on the same style that they started with, very simple. There is no built in bluetooth, but it has IrDA Infrared and a remote controll sensor.

Answered on Feb 14, The dimensions of the notebook are impressive for wireles a big screen, 3cm thick 1. About The Keyboard – It might also let you put it back on after wiping the partition table and installing linux… I will play with that later.

Link to Full Specs: The instant-on stuff would be nicer if it was not on the HD Although it comes with a 1 year warranty, it would be nice if it was a 3 year warranty like the LM series notebooks. They are not all that noticeable but easy enough to read, which act as special functions while in these wirelesx things like play, pause, stop, next, menu, setup,ff, rewind,etc.


About The Og – 15 Inch They are logically laid out in a way that would become familiar very quickly.

LG LS50 Review (pics, specs)

For Australian Users LG LS50 Right side view larger image. This is a great piece of hardware, I had to dig to find up with some bad points, but I did find a few:.

Using The Windows Classic Theme Posted on Apr 24, Be the first to answer. Changing Or Removing The Password Just remember that there are many factors that affect the battery performance. Ac Adaptor free Voltage