Check out the latest prices for Mobile Phones in Malaysia Device. What kind of cable can do this? I bought c but it is written that it can’t be connected to pc no bluetooth, no USB, no infrared port. Bought it, loved it, had to exchange it: The C is not only small and light.

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Malaysia Indonesia Mobile version. More of the Nokia c150 is leaked. The game on this phone is called space-ball and it is almost identical to Snake, the game that was on the original Nokia phones.

C is also equipped with a mirror on the front cover which is a truly ingenious feature, especially for the image conscious.

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India smartphone market the only one to grow in Apple iPhone XS Max review. It’s a basic GSM phone, very good quality, light and very kg, being low income has nothing to do with purchasing this phone, I bought it because I wanted a simple phone to make phonecalls, no more no less, we all know that the built-in digital cameras are garbage and the photos have a low quality, I prefer to buy a real digital camera than spending money in junk.

The C is not only small and light. I already had a very very good samsung z, but then I needed to buy a sim card from a different mobile phone network, so I needed to have two mobile phones, one for each network.


For more prices, click here phone price list. Type for the security code, if cc1150 deos not work sorry i can’t do c11550. Since I already had the samsung z for my main network, I only needed a simple phone, no cameras, no special feautures, just a simple phone to send text messages and l calls, I bought this LG, loved it instantly, then one week later had to exchange it.

I think it’s a nice little GSM phone, works nicely and fits anywhere Where did you buy it from?

LG C1150 photo

c11150 Also, I don’t need the Bluetooth thing, or video camera or MP3 player, I have all those c11150 already. I’m sorry I bought it, wasted my money. Lelaki Malaysia ditahan kerana membuat kes kehilangan iPhone palsu untuk membeli model iPhone yang baru setiap tahun. I do not recommend this phone, its good for anyone who just needs a phone for simple use. Sorry LG I give you a 2 out of What kind of cable can do this?

Apple iPhone XS C1510. When considering a phone model, we would certaintly wish for a differentiation and which has more cool functions from other models.

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LG C, is a perfect first-phone handset. Compare Price Powered by iPrice.

C comes in polished silver, black or og and it is perfect for persons who in love with simplicity and no complications. Newest first Oldest first Best rating.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro. I send a lot of text messages about to a week and the keypad is not very soft, if you’re used pg soft nokia and samsung keypads and if you are a heavy text message sender, you might consider before you buy this phone, although I did indeed love it, were it not for the keypad it’b perfect, it is understandable given that its a low cost phone, but my arms and fingers were aching after a week, something that had never happened to me and i’ve been texting alot on mobiles for over 5 years.


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But I’m just warning just as i wish someone had warned me all of you who are planning to buy this phone and are used to soft keepads and who text alot: Bought it, loved it, had to exchange it: Samsung Galaxy A7 For instance, the home screen image is active and changes every few seconds to a variety of different pictures.

I reckon this only happened because I am so used to very soft keypads, maybe if I was used to not so soft keypads from the start i wouldn’t notice a difference. The LG C has certainly risen to the challenge, providing a phone that is inexpensive but also loaded with quirky individual features. I bought c but it is written that it can’t be connected to pc no bluetooth, no USB, no infrared port.