Its construction quality feels decent, and the grip is comfortable and secure. While probably its true that the c has slghtly better sharpness than the mr when set The MR has a relatively small 1. Kyocera bought out Yashica, who To discuss this review with other DCRP readers, please visit our forums.

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Secondly, photos have a soft, fuzzy look to them reminiscent kjocera video captures see this photo for an example. The zoom and scroll feature my term allows you to zoom in as much as 8X in 2X increments into your photo, and then scroll around.

Kyocera Finecam MR Specs – CNET

It starts up quickly, focuses quickly, and has no shutter lag. As with the LCD, the electronic viewfinder “gains up” automatically in low light conditions. Expect to spend some time removing this in software.

It has more than enough features for the average user and produces very good images.

I’ve only had this camera for 2 months. This lets you use 52 mm filters and, in theory at least, conversion lenses.

You can choose from evaluative, center-weighted, and spot light metering, and you can use an easily accessible exposure compensation function to adjust your exposure plus or minus 2EV. Up on top of the MR you’ll find the power and shutter release buttons, as well as the mode dial. Visit manufacturer site for details. Due to my limited resources, please do not e-mail me m10r for a personal recommendation.


Kyocera M410R

Best Selling in Digital Cameras See all. The next item over is the zoom controller, which moves the lens from wide-angle to telephoto in about 2. Low light focusing wasn’t terribly good, m4410r it wasn’t horrible either. All while you enjoy boundless creative freedom with the control of aperture and shutter priority modes and more.

The adapter ring that comes with the camera serves as a lens hood and lets you attach filters and accessory lenses. One thing that wasn’t a problem was purple fringing.

Kyocera Finecam M410R 4.0 MP Digital Camera – Black

As always, I recommend a trip to your local camera store to try out the Finecam MR and its competitors before you buy! Check the photos made by this camera http: You also navigate LCD menus with the controller, and the Set button doubles as a quick review key. What if you want to use a 3 second exposure instead of the 2 or 4 sec options offered by the Long Exposure item? You get throwaway batteries, no memory card, no Mac software, and a pile of manuals covering an older model with the main manual on CD-ROM.



Kyocera Finecam MR review: Kyocera Finecam MR – CNET

The camera could certainly use an AF-assist lamp, though. While probably its true that the c has slghtly better sharpness than the mr when set Overall I wasn’t terribly thrilled with the MR’s photo quality and for two reasons. I like the power source best for this model, good old AA batteries, no rechargeable maker specific rechargeable. This Kyocera captures still images in JPEG format only at two compression settings and four different resolutions. No word on how any shots you’ll get using rechargeables on the MR but it will probably be at least twice as many.

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While shooting the LCD stays with you without blacking outallowing you to track a moving subject. By Gerrard lNov 28, There’s a nice large grip for your right hand, and the lens adapter ring kocera you’re using it gives your left something to hold on to. There is no AF-assist lamp on the MR.