All rights to the content of texts and images published on www. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. If the sound card does not want to support to mix several sound sources simultaneously then, 2Way Audio function will not operate normally. Among the systems that are physically and logically installed, all of write-recordable media is supported. How to search backup data ……………………………. Select your settings for audio play back.

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When a control output occurs by manual control and automatic setup time, corresponding number of jodicom icon from E-Map image will indicate status of the control output. Unless this option is not selected, contents saved in a site are read out only when contents of memo book is first searched and after then only the first read memo is displayed.

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Once a user selects contents desired to be deleted and selects [Delete], system log files recorded in a currently connected site are deleted. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

The copyright of this manual belongs to Kodicom. Sound card must be installed properly to use voice recording function. If you choose 2Way Audio while transmitting current image, it might temporally delay image transmission to initialize sound card but this is not a fault.


After rebooting, please check out the connection between DigiNet and center PC by using center and site program. Select your settings for audio play back. Published by Arianna Mason Modified over 4 years ago.

Configuring Surveillance mode 2.

Data of possible disk space, allocation status for each drive will be shown. The maximum is sec and default is set to 0 sec Rotation time should be set. Default value is You must enter site code.

KODICOM DigiNet Center(v) User Guide DigiNet. – ppt download

If you select [None], one day will be designated as holiday and for that specific day only. When changing the mode from Monitoring Mode to Search Mode, mic audio will become automatically mute. Quality gets better as the value rise up but recording speed and file size gets bigger. When unauthorized engineer modified or made damage on the product trying to repair it, we may charge you with the fee.

Refer to page and Avoid any place that has direct sun light or heat. Click the manufacturer and model of your printer. Connecting Control outputs14 1.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V) User Guide – ppt download

Once a user selects an emergency message displayed on an emergency message display window and select [Health], Health Monitor program is directly run and a connection to a related site becomes available.


When adding to the bookmark while searching, the image of your preferred time, will register date and time from the [Bookmark list] respectably. When the basic codec provided on Window is used, codecs of Mpeg4 Video Codec v2 over are recommended.

If there are a few cameras, you can separate by comma. You can zoom the image by left click up to 7 levels on DigiNet, model. You can designate up to 5 different detection areas in each camera.

Select Watermark check to verify the image. It consecutively progress backup according to setup time of the backup schedule. Installation of WebDVR…………………………………………………… 2.

Kodicom DigiNet-User Guide for DVR Operator DigiNet-1816, 3416, 34216 4416, 44216 DigiNet.

Front side ………………………………………………8 2. Registration Forgot your password?

Once a user selects an emergency message displayed on an emergency message display window and then selects [Center], Center program is directly executed and a connection to a related site becomes available. Icons according to camera statuses are as follows.