Great sound,Great feel,Great everything!!!!!!!!! This is definitely a driver putting on your short list this spring. It felt dead and I found my distance was nothing like my previouse ERC driver. Helpline This club was used and previously a demo model.

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A member of the Cobra S9 – 1 family of clubs, which is claimed to have a Driver to suit every golfer. Rusty on October 22, at 6: I purchased the 9.

Cobra S Driver Review |

Going to a professional club fitter also makes a lot of sense and your return on your investment will most likely be significant. Is longer than previous club,so much so as to make me more competitive. I recently had a cardiac arrest and had a r rremoved 2 months ago.

Hasse on May 25, at 3: I started working out the draw etc and now my G15 is on Ebay after owning it 2 months… Cobra well done, Reply. When it came to hitting some balls, this Cobra Driver was extremely impressive. Cobra has always come out with stellar drivers and this one is no exception. Average driver for the average player, easy to use, the aldila stiff shaft feel a bit too soft, lost alot of distance when compare to the Callaway FT-9 9degree stiff shaft and R7 Limited.


T Providenti on November 22, at Hallo, what model of the s9 1 do you have? This is the name of the game to gain additional yardage, for maximum effect. Great driver i ended up buying it and would recommend it to anyone! After a few weeks of frustration, I decided to go to a professional clubfitter with the intent to stay with the HiBore with a different shaft.

The F model is a Driver designed mainly for the better, mid to low handicap players, who care a lot about their golf game.

Your email address will not be published. Excellent club once you “let the club do the work. When I hit from the toe, then rightfully so, I hit a slice. I took out a Taylormade R9 and the Callaway 9. These are not negatives to the majority of players however Write a Review Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

After testing, we noticed the dispersion rate was terrible with the HiBore but very good with a similar driver as the R5, using a Fujikura ZComm Six. This club instantly felt right, looked fantastic and gave me great distance with a slight draw, in place of my previous fade. At a glance TG Rating 3.

Cobra S9-1 F-Model Driver Reviews

I used it at the local range first degere hit it a good 25 yards further than my previous driver. For me,anyway, the 55 grammes Aldila shaft seems a perfect match for the enlarged persimmon-like head and the whole thing is extremely well-balanced and very easy to use!


Its been ages since i’ve hit every fairway!!! Desparately I am now hitting a used Taylor Made R5 driver with 12 degree loft. S M for swing speeds of and ball speeds spedS9-F for swing speeds of 97 or less and ball speeds of or less and finally the S9-M offset for swing speeds of 97 or less and ball speeds of or less.

And this was quite a regular occurrence, because this Cobra Driver was also very forgiving and reliable.

Your name You must enter your name. I tried the Diablo 10 degree draw and liked it, but the club looked odd to say the least. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. It’s not really what this club was made for and anyone who gets a chance to hit the Cobra S9 – 1 F, ling find this out.