I have had a lot of trackballs over the years, and this is one of the best that I have seen. Hands-on with the Pi-Desktop kit. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I’m adapting it from my old Logitech Marble configuration. Try not to move the mouse it will make things hard to find , and click the button you want to set up. It allows you to route specific button presses to commands.

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To have this set when I start Xfor now I’ve added this command to a startup script that is run when my window manager starts Enlightenment. Physically, it has a large, easy-to-use ball, which is surrounded by a trackball ring, and four large buttons. Post as a guest Name.

Configuring Linux and X for a Kensington Expert Mouse

I find it easier and more natural to use, and more precise to control, especially when I am trying to move it very small trackbxll. This will create a text file by which you can configure xbindkeys.

Option “DragLockButtons” “8” This made my button 8 trzckball top right button on the trackball the “drag lock” button: So I thought I should just use number 3 as the 2nd element and 2 as the 8th element like this:.


Of coursed this dual-mode function means that it would be very easy to use this trackball on two kensingto systems, for example with the dongle on my Acer All-in-One desktop and via Bluetooth on a Raspberry Pi 3.

I recently switched to Ubuntu from Win7, cause I was tired of spending days trying to figure out how to run devtools made for linux run properly on windows Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. If you want to use it left-handed, the button assignment can be reversed using the Mouse Settings control of whatever desktop you are using.

I have read all the pre-existing answers, but I still can’t figure it out, so I apologize if this has been answered before.

A new, improved Raspberry Pi 3 is available. My Profile Log Out. If it were possible to turn it over and use it as a mouse, I might understand the name don’t laugh, I already own a Kensington Slimblade Trackball Mouse which can be used as either a mouse or trackball. To do this with xmodmap the command would be:. To verify the mapping of your buttons, run xevand click the buttons and use the scroll wheel xev is part of the xorg-xutils package.

Enabling middle click using a Kensington Trackball in Ubuntu 15.10

Join Date Jun Beans 1. When the trackball is used on Windows or Mac OS X, there is a Kensington Trackball Works utility to customize the button operations and the scroll ring function. Please avoid writing comments that simply say “it works! Could someone kindly enlighten me? Please note that Javascript should be enabled for this page. I think the cleverest thing about this trackball, though, is in the functionality.


Kensington Expert Mouse

Unfortunately, the speed setting is not saved! So this means in the example command I gave above, I assigned function 8, “Back”, to button 2, and function 9, “Forward” to button 8. You can go ahead and edit it if you want, but, personally, I would not. To initiate Bluetooth pairing, you switch to Bluetooth mode duhand then press and hold all four buttons simultaneously.

Here’s an example of how to configure and use it. I kept checking for it periodically, and watched the price here go slowly down. Connectivity is controlled by two switches on the under-side of the trackball base.

The KDE control is shown here.

It should pop up a small little window with a white box and a black background. Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

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