The speed simply cannot be matched by any internal hard drive configuration on a MacBook Pro. DiskTester bypasses the Mac OS X cache and the figures shown therefore represent actual drive performance independent of caching. It is provided for general information only and should not be relied upon as complete or accurate. View prices on SSD. An alternative to the Hitachi Travelstar 7K The machine will feel very quick with the Intel XM, for short bursts at least.

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Mac OS X is unix, and two commonly-used commands are find and grep.

Those are great numbers, about 2. This looks perfect for database applications, but will have only modest impact on normal use of a MacBook Pro the MBP is not likely to be a database server for large databases! In short, read access is incredibly fast, only a little slower than straight out of memory! How long does it take for the drive start to become flow?

Hurrah, if you reboot once a day, you save seconds, depending on the hard drive. But if the boot took zero time, it still would be irrelevant. For an objective comparisonall hard drive figures shown here are based on partitioning hard drives into a boot volume of If GB meets your capacity mxc, the Intel X25M will completely change the feel of your laptop.


Inwe are likely to enjoy substantial advances in performance mmac capacity along with reductions in cost. Four hard drives were used as comparisons for the Intel XM.

Intel SSD XM and XE ” Serial ATA – SATA Solid State Drives

The Intel XM offers substantial speedups for these commands, but of course the Mac OS X maac neutralizes the advantage once files have been read into the cache the first time so long as there is unused system memory. Laptop users will find this very appealing, as it extends battery life, at least incrementally.

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It offers blisteringly-fast reads that will completely change the feel of any Mac. Intel 80GB XM 2.

Mac* OS Compatibility for IntelĀ® Solid State Drives

A gigabyte as used in all reviews on this site is defined as X X or 1,, bytes. What are the factors contributing to that? View prices on SSD.

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Mac* OS Compatibility for IntelĀ® Solid State Drives

The Intel XM offers stellar performance for reads: This information can be learned by watching the Activity Monitor Disk Activity display. To test random access speed, the following DiskTester command was used, mc random writes of 64K each, following by random reads of 64K each:.


System boot speed is an irrelevant x25-jbut everyone wants to know it, so we oblige. But it remains to be seen if the performance can match the XM.

Intel X25-M SSD’s don’t work with Mac OSX 10.8.3

For your convenience, the View links below take you to OWC for specifications. There is no technical reason for this, just a user-unfriendly sales decision.

See Optimizing Photoshop for details. I might launch DreamWeaver CS4 and work in it for many hours.

Write speed makes the most difference for builds, and here SSD offers an insignificant advantage. The silent operation and ultra-low power consumption are added pluses.

In other words, the results reflects what using an actual working 2×5-m would be like, not an artificial setup with an empty disk. An alternative to the Hitachi Travelstar 7K Certain deals may last longer.