View the Manual and the current Release Changes. Windows authentication will only work from a Windows client from the same domain. If the flag auto commit is set then there will always be a running transaction. You should use XA only if you it need. The available languages can be requested with: Behavior change for input parameter that are streams. In general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use it.

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This is the host name of the SQL Server.

Manual for the MS SQL Server JDBC type 4 driver MERLIA

This property can be used when connecting to SQL Server only. There might be some errors in the text or better solutions for working with Microsoft certificates. You can use the following methods to use a server cursor with a fetch size of for executeQuery. I am not clear why the exception occurs even though connection opened and closed properly. A bug in some JDK 1.

For using the new or enhanced data types of the SQL Server Yukon you don’t need to use a new sub protocol or set a special property. If you use your own Java serialization then the best solution is to use getBytes and not getObject. Performance improvement with i-net SQL Server driver. If you want to use tss values in Java then contact the support.


Manual for the MS SQL Server JDBC type 4 driver MERLIA

There are 2 possible modes: If you use the command DriverManager. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. A combination of ip address and host name is not valid see below. Java components slow down much more as native components with a disable JIT.

All other properties will still be in effect. Set a FailoverListener via Connection properties: You can find out about this: With the following loop you can concatenate the pieces of the XML data:.

what is this SAPClassNotFoundException: com.inet.tds.TdsDriver

You can do this in the Server Network Utilities. The stream ended unexpectedly. Change the data type of the table. A list of existing character converters can you tdsdirver in the jar files i Santosh 1 11 And profilers do slow down Java components much more than native components.

Tcsdriver general if you use a database connection over a long time you should check it before you use it. This tcs can also be seen in the system table sysprocesses.


The best solution for the JDBC 1. This is required for Windows Server Improve support for java. If you have problems with the driver then you can enable the logging of the driver.

A very rare deadlock could occur if a prepared query needed 60 seconds and a second thread was running the same prepared query in this time. This can be accomplished best with getCodeBase. You tried to execute one of the following SQL statements: This is not valid for SQL Server Since driver version 7.

Added property packetSize and changed the default from server default to