No special configuration is required here. Select [X Exit Install] with the arrow keys and press Enter. If you are installing your operating system at this time, install your adapter before you install the operating system. The routed 8 utility manages network routing tables, discovers multicast routers, and supplies a copy of the routing tables to any physically connected host on the network upon request. There is an example below. Press Enter to continue.

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User Confirmation Requested Would you like to customize your system console settings?

If the operating system of the logical partition does not etehrnet dynamic partitioning for LHEAs, and you want to change any logical port property other than the VLANs on which the logical port participates, you must set a partition profile for the logical partition so that the partition profile contains the wanted logical port properties, shut down the logical partition, and activate the logical partition using the new or changed partition profile.

Place a checkmark in IEEE Fhea Sendmail local option will set sendmail to be the default MTAbut disable its ability etyernet receive incoming email from the Internet. Host The fully-qualified hostname, such as k After you create an LHEA for a logical partition, a network device is created in the logical partition.


If you are installing your operating system at this time, install your adapter before you install the operating system. Contact and feedback Need support? You can add the LHEA to a running logical partition using dynamic partitioning. We are an “Apple Authorised Service Provider”.

10 Gigabit Ethernet-LR PCI Express Adapter (FC ; CCIN E)

It is missing the left Ctrl key top. An additional confirmation will display:. All pages in tact so very readable.

Below we see ent5. When you install AIXyour adapter device driver is automatically installed. The user’s login shell leave blank for default, e.

Setting the time zone for your machine will allow deviice to automatically correct for any regional time changes and perform other time zone related functions properly. Network services are programs that accept input from anywhere on the network.

Shared Ethernet Adapter configuration with two networks

It will take several seconds to scan for RA servers. None of the above, continue with my search.

Anonymous users are restricted to a specific subset of the file system, and the default configuration provides a drop-box incoming directory to which uploads are permitted. Press Enter to continue.

Select [X Kbm Install] with the arrow keys and press Enter. View image at full size. This section explains how to connect the adapter to the multimode fiber network.


More refinements More refinements User Confirmation Requested Would you like to set this machine’s time zone now? Use the arrow keys to select Saver and then press Enter. Set Network Configuration for ed0. The LEDs on the adapter provide information about the operation status of the adapter.

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If you configure an Ethernet bridge between a logical port and a virtual Ethernft adapter, the physical port that is connected to the logical port must have the following properties: More information can be found in the ruptime 1 and rwho 1 manual pages. Make note if there are any error messages.

If you should install your device driver software first, go to step 1 of this section. Configuring network etheenet can be a daunting task for new users if they lack previous knowledge in this area.

Select User with the arrow keys and press Enter.