Now I want to read signal amplitude along distance from analyzer. Back in the Cal Exec folders, there is a driver folder for the E with a whole bunch of special function call files to cover its range of functionality. Save a screen image to the floppy disk drive. Thank you in advance for you help. Legal Privacy Terms Trademark Acknowledgements. This is the fastest way to get values back.

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So, according to my sweep time 1 point each 50ms this equivalent to 20 points each 1 second.

Agilent X Series Analyzer – IEEE (GPIB) Driver for LabVIEW – National Instruments

Hi, Before Hp85663e ask my question I prefer explain you what I am going to do exactely. According to the HPE programming manual, the analyzer can not multitask, so it is either taking a sweep or talking on the GPIB, but not both at once. Only if the D VNA is equipped with firmware revision Hi Rob, I’ve got 6 per second.

Install DAQ hardware driver version 1. I always used ID and IP. Vee program found here Have fun with it. Yes, for selected modules.

Where I’m a little stumped is that nowhere does anything say a minimum firmware date that is compatible. Oabview, Dennis is correct, you can get the driver off the NI site.


I have a bunch of these PXI’s to do, and it will knock an hour two per card off the cal time if I can resolve this. I have included a small VI that assumes that the Hp85663e.

Could you please tell me why and If you have time send me hp8563d application that allows me to do what I said to you in my last email. It will only perform another sweep after the data is sent. Any thoughts about either finding a driver that will work, upgrading firmware on the E, or other methods to get it to talk with the software. So I did’t understand why they take time to dispaly a new amplitude.

How can I connect amplitude output to write in file VI. Unfortunately I c ouldn’t do that work because when I run Query Amplitude. Performing system recovery is recommended to fix it. This VI will move the marker to the centre and then query for the amplitude at the marker as fast as it can.

There are nine connectivity ports on the X-Seires signal analyzer. So with this sweep time I can only make 1 point measurement each 50 ms.


Message 12 of I am thinking it is old and has older firmware that may not be compatible or may not be SCPI compliant. So, to do this work I think I have just to improve the Query Amplitude.

Technical Support

This is because the user registration was improperly done when the first time the power was turned on. There are several approaches to control instruments via the GPIB interface Obsolete View Service Labvidw. See search results instead: However, if my guess is right, it looks like it would have to be an OEM firmware update which I also guess is no longer available. Message 10 of To obtain a measurement such as amplitude you have to set a marker to the frequency of interest and then read off the marker dtails such as the amplitude.

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