September 22nd, 8. The dvef model works fine with Gutsy Gibbon, but grub hangs. This page is intended to help you with the setup of troublesome components, and is by no means an official HOWTO. But it’s also non-responsive when I push it to turn wireless on. HP pavilion dv, OS linux, problem: On the dvef model, the uvcvideo driver completely breaks the Gutsy system lsusb hangs, modprobe too, usb-storage doesn’t work neither, so usb keys don’t mount automatically

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Using 3D Graphics Acelleration If your 3d graphics card isn’t working and it is the intel modelthen you are probibly running gutsy or erlier.

You have to install the package firmware-blpphy-installeryou can do this either with ev6000 Synaptic package manager or via the command line with Code:. I applied it but unfortunately had to walk away and couldn’t watch everything that was modified.

If want to find iti restart the same procedure, i want your help for fixing for ever.

HP pavilion dv, OS linux, problem: wireless driver, How do I make it work?

Total time about 3 minutes. Don’t forget to click on “Save to X Configuration file” to make it remanent. It worked like a charm, thank you very much!


I put the latest Ubuntu on my old DV Join our community today! But after using it and booting it only works afther running “module-assistant a-i linux-uvc -f” and rebooting again. You may also try “noapic nolapic” as opposed to “noacpi nolacpi” – pavilion fixes the issue for certain models. If you need to reset your password, click here.

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Hi, I have bought a new laptop with free OS and installed Ubuntu on it. Pavan December 22, at 5: This has always solved the problem for dvv6000, and never created other issues. Hey Ji M, I get this message when i do the last command: Ji m October 28, at 3: Joel October 30, at 1: Dadan Ramdhan October 29, hpp Have to manually change from “nv” to “vesa” in xorg.

I tried both ubuntu That thread is at this link: Abu-Mazrou Ahmad November 9, at 3: Mine is coming up. Step 2 Run through the test installation.

Fix ‘No WiFi Adapter Found’ for HP Laptops with Ubuntu 18.04

Reports of incorrect fan operation and risk of overheating. With Hardy, things that work out of the box: Is there a similar command I can execute?


Wireless for Wreless Pavilion dv6 Thanks everyone for the help. Wireless Intel Chipsets Some dv models have the Intel Wireless chipset, and should work out-of-the-box with a basic Ubuntu install.


Thanks in uubuntu hp g6 — Wireless for HP Pavilion dv6 Hi kvmapr, it says your hardware switch is off, please see if there is a button to turn it on, or you may have to hit like fn f11 or a key like that. Jean December 2, at For more information wireelss a look here I must warn you that getting an integrated laptop modem winmodem may be tricky sometimes so take it easy, but for me the dell driver worked perfectly and I got it working in 5 minutes or so.

When given boot options for the LiveCD, press F6 for other options and you should see a command line with commands already entered.