Maxmem tweak helped a lot. Page 1 of 4. Set this pin to “1” via a pull-up resistor to disable it, vice versa will enable it. Can not be turned of by hardware BIOS. Gigabyte Overclocking Qualification Round 1.

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Gigabyte GA-5SMM – motherboard – micro ATX – Socket 7 – SiS530

Modifying this part on the mobo allowed my to alter VCC3 up to 3,7V which made the mobo go up to MHz front side bus. I was also able to match the performance of the GA5-SMM with that of the M, which is nice considering the fact that the Sis is one of the slower chipsets, and it has half amount of L2 cache too. At MHz this resulted in a superpi time of roughly seconds at lowest latency’s. Ya goal would be to get x3 MHz stable but I recon that is very hard to do without exhautic phase change cooling.

HR-0 plus performs good but I’m thinking about modifying one of my waterblocks so that it fits on this gigabyte mainboard. Last edited by geoffrey: A lot of software tweaking this time, sometimes you get awefull result and then without reason you get a fast superpi run.


Contact Us – Madshrimps – Ag. My findings My findings about this board: To register please click here What’s going on here?

GA-5SMM | Motherboard – GIGABYTE Slovenia

My findings about this board: This unit allows up to 11,5V, I’m not that crazy so I went up to 4,5V maximum but I did not found the board to become more stable at MHz mode. I need the high FSB speed despiratly as it is the only way to the beat the competition.

It appears you have not yet registered ta our community. The time now is Gigabyte Open Overclocking Championship UTJC-8 has a likewise pinout datasheet: Maxmem tweak helped a lot. No software can read the FSB bus speed but it is working for sure.

Can not be turned of by hardware BIOS. I allready tweaked the memory latency here. Gigabyte Overclocking Qualification Round gga.

Desoldered the LXA and added an external circuit based on a 5A switching power regulator. Originally Posted by geoffrey. Page 1 of 4.


I need to va up with some else. Gigabyte International Overclocking Tournament. At this speed the system was terrible slow compared to systems running at MHz and Alladin 5 chipset.

Unfortunately CPUCool is not working for me. I can get sub ambient temps 5V too, when I back down the cpu speed I can let the system run for several minutes without overheating, passively cooled that is.

Gigabyte Technology GA-5SMM, Socket 7 Motherboard | eBay

Set this 5smj to “1” via a pull-up resistor to disable it, vice versa will enable it. You must power off the system first, a quick reboot was not enough so it seems. It ran through superpi stable at 3V but the time was really terrible, nearly doable as slow as compared to competitors on hwbot.