Searching for history waveforms: Power supply analysis function 4 ch model only. Two types of waveform searching: Displays stored files in thumbnail format Thumbnails of waveform data, waveform image data, and Wave-Zone files can be displayed. Trend and histogram displays Waveform parameters such as period, pulse width, and amplitude can be measured repeatedly and displayed in graphs. It is necessary to update main unit firmware in advance to V3. Serial Pattern Trigger user defined:

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Zoom two locations simultaneously Because the DLM series lets you set zoom factors independently, you can display two zoomed waveforms with different time axis scales at the same time. You can press the key repeatedly and conveniently leave traces for comparing multiple waveforms.

Also, using the Auto Scroll function, you can automatically scroll waveforms captured in long memory and change the zoomed location. Filtering of a Dlm20024 waveform using computation.

SENT analysis 4 ch model only. Can check functions with graphical online help You can view detailed graphical explanations of the oscilloscope’s functions by pressing the “?


Inputs supported for serial bus analysis. FlexRay trigger and analysis 4 ch model only.

With 4 ch With 2ch for DLM20x2. Four bus decode and list display. Signal Observation on 4 channels or more Measure function and statistics Twenty-eight waveform parameters are included such as: Searching for history waveforms: This allows your hardware investment to remain on the functionality state of the art line its entire life.


Lokmita | MHz 4ch Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with 8-bit LA | Measure accurately

Complicated trigger and decode settings such as bit rate and threshold level are automatically detected by DLM A file can be enlarged to confirm the data. Using the History function, you can analyze rarely-occurring abnormal signals. With the DLM series, up to previously captured waveforms can be saved dllm2024 the acquisition memory. The image and file names are shown so that you can view screen image contents while copying or deleting files.

Also, waveform parameters can be measured repeatedly, and the statistical values displayed mean, maximum, minimum, dlm2204 deviation, etc. Cutoff Frequency Setting Range: Serial Pattern Trigger user defined: Each channel has 14 low pass filters available from 8 kHz to MHz. Trigger on an arbitrarily set pattern of up to bits.

Values can be statistically processed and caluculated. Waveforms of limited bandwidths are stored in internal memory. For NO-GO, actions can be carried out at the same time such as sounding a buzzer, saving the current waveform, or sending notification to a designated e-mail address.


Two types of waveform searching: Also, the portrait format saves space on the desk or test bench.

The locations of the found waveforms are marked on screen shows the current location. Real time Filter with optimum noise reduction supports a wide range of frequencies from 8 kHz to MHz. It is necessary to update main unit firmware in advance to V3.

Yokogawa Dlm2024 Mixed Signal Scope MSO 4ch 200 MHz W/ 4x Probes & Pods

Switch between analog and logic channels Flexible MSO input Four channels is not sufficient to view the functioning of digital control circuits. Intelligent serial bus auto setup: Waveforms and analysis results from busses with different speeds can be displayed using 2 Zoom windows.

If you’re like most users, your digitizer shares lab space with a mixture of test equipment from different manufacturers that make digitizers or real-time oscilloscopes. With bandwidths from to MHz and memory from up to Mpoints, usn can be certain there isa DLM to meet your application and budget.