The Cinnamon Challenge This challenge requires teens to swallow a spoonful or more of cinnamon without drinking any water. This follows a petition from the Ministry of Women and Child Development, demanding a ban on the game. A year-old student was pulled back when she was on the parapet of the Buarque de Macedo Bridge, preparing to jump from it. The Ghost Pepper Challenge These peppers, also called bhut jolokia, are the hottest in the world. He was reportedly hospitalised after attempting to complete the final suicide challenge. Deaths were caused by head trauma in most cases. The dare-based “game”, Blue Whale Challenge , is making headlines for its sinister nature.

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Beached whales die due to dehydration, collapsing under their own weight or drowning when high tide covers the blowhole.

Blue Whale: Blue Whale Challenge and other ‘games’ of death

The Ghost Pepper Challenge These peppers, also called bhut jolokia, are the hottest in the world. Woah gas Dread-head, weed head gas No sleep, don’t need a bed gas All my niggas team players gas Grind to keep my team fed gas Everytime you see me out, gas I be where the green is gas I be where the bitches is Cop it, put some switched in Niggas on me, bleul to keep them off but they try to copy ’cause a nigga different I don’t know what the ending is Chrome all where the engine is Hit her so good one time, when she see me, that bitch reminisce Asking me where my feelings is Shoot my shot and I ain’t finna miss, uh I get the money, yeah I count a mill’ right in front of ya uh, yeah Y’all niggas funny, yeah I hluel you bitch, then I’m done with her uh, yeah Y’all niggas hatin’ and doubtin’, I’m rolling with nothing, I’m making it cardi, yeah I learnt the game as a child, nigga, don’t talk about it if you ain’t about it Chorus: The idea is to bear the pain for the longest time.


ET Magazine looks at its origin and its reported victims from around the world.

Spread over 50 days, the challenge reportedly instructs participants to complete 50 tasks that include self-harmbody mutilation and watching scary videos. The first case of alleged Blue Whale suicide in India was reported on July 30, when a year-old boy jumped to death from the seventh floor of a building in Mumbai.

I get the money, young nigga get money, the money’ll follow me go get it I get the money, young nigga get money, the money’ll follow me so get it I get the money, the money is nothing go get itI count it then fall asleep skrt I get the money, the money is nothingI count it then fall asleep skrt, skrt Blue hunnids, blue hunnids, blue hunnids, just a call it a [??

Trap, trap About gang gang, I’m sliding out I’m sliding, nigga My watch ring all diamoned out bling, bling Got a hundred grams inside the house racks Got a AR inside the couch Them bricks backed up them bricks They gift-wrapped up they wrapped Keep flexing lil’ nigga, might get snatched up I’m talking Trapnese huh Trapping hard on Jimmy G’s huh Got all my dawgs with me they with me Trigger fingers got the fleas ah Got big diamonds, nigga them diamonds I’ve been shining, nigga I’m shining I’m the Birdman, nigga Birdman I’m a Big Tymer, nigga huh I was up really on the block getting it, I’ve been grinding, nigga been gettin’ it I was up Jersey getting deals, nigga, they been signing niggas Chorus: With several cuts on her arms, including one in the shape of a whale, she was allegedly attempting to complete the last phase of the challenge.

It can cause nausea, gagging and a trip to the hospital. The dare-based “game”, Blue Whale Challengeis making headlines for its sinister nature.

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. On May 11, Budeikin pleaded guilty and was sentenced to three years in prison.


Blue Whale Challenge and other ‘games’ of death

There have been reported deaths from this challenge. Wiz KhalifaJimmy WopoHardo.

The contestants must prove that they have completed the tasks by sending proof — pictures and videos — to their “curator” or the “whale” who had been instructing them all this while. Bbluel Choking Challenge This challenge gained popularity among teenagers who began choking themselves to get a high.

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Find this comment offensive? This leads to excruciating pain in the mouth, but some people also get worse reactions. Since then authorities began to monitor mentions of the game on forums and live broadcasts. Beaching is a phenomenon in which cetaceans strand themselves on land, usually on a beach. Fill in your details: Your Reason has been Reported to the admin. Wiz Khalifa – Blue Hunnids Feat. A cellphone had broadcast the teen’s suicide.

Read more on suicide games. Italian website Polizia Postale defi nes Blue Whale as “a practice that seems to possibly come from Russia” and ml3 advice to parents and teenagers. He was arrested with charges of inciting at least 16 teenagers to kill themselves. I spent a band in a Rover, woah, [??

Wiz Khalifa – Blue Hunnids (Feat. Jimmy Wopo & Hardo) (2018)

Will be displayed Will not be displayed Will be displayed. President Buel Putin has signed a law imposing criminal penalties for inducing minors to suicide. Drag according to your convenience.

Happy New Year for Flipkart: The term “blue whale” comes from the phenomenon of beached whales, which is linked to suicide.