All memory settings were set to their most aggressive. Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier. Yet, given its original fusion idea and meticulous journey to fruition, we believe it is Class-A for certain. Even Stereophile Editor John Atkinson has “gone over to the dark side. This E-powered board was able to whip through hour Prime95 torture tests without a single problem.

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A true “tube motherboard” with Pentium 4 performance would be the size of several football fields, dwarfing the early Univac.

I personally would not and I consider myself a enthusiast.

AOpen AX4B-533 – motherboard – ATX – Socket 478 – i845E

The December Issue’s Here. While I agree that tube amplifiers az4b superior audio, I have to question Souund as to their dicision for putting a tube preamp on the board. The analog output of any standard sound card can be looped through the tube circuit, according to the announcement. The AX4B integrates LAN and sound chips from Realtek, and as each day passes we can see a trend with motherboard and chipset makers; sound and LAN are beginning to become a basic part of a motherboard’s layout.

The AX4B is intended primarily for skund, music lovers, and “serious gamers” who want the best possible sound, according to AOpen product manager Al Peng, a self-described “audiophile for more than ten years. Why would someone who has a waterblock not have integrated aopen ax4b in his mobo? All memory settings were set to their most aggressive. Bonus Recording of November Recording of December Cary Audio SLI integrated amplifier. The announcement does not mention whether AOpen has provided a way to put the dual triode in standby mode aax4b to turn it off when not in use.


The AX4B Pro was very solid during our stress testing. Related Latest Galleries Recommended. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Six Suites for Viola Solo. It left everyone stunned. Where the River Goes. However, the idea to integrate vaccuum tube amplification was not only received with enthusiasm, but aopen ax4b given the go-ahead to make it into a full shipping product. Dealer Event a4xb Chicago Saturday.

In Junein our weekly online poll, we asked readers, “Do you ever listen to music on your computer? Recognition of the fact has led at least one maker of computer motherboards to introduce a model with a vacuum-tube audio circuit.


Generating stable high-DC voltages for the tube’s plates was another problem AOpen had to solve, one that likely most of the company’s engineers had never encountered. The reproduced sound was absolutely amazing. Using personal computers to listen to music may be heresy in some audiophile circles, but the practice is definitely on the rise. All memory a4xb were set to their most aggressive.


We were able to run all our usual programs and benchmark suites without issue. Built by a group of dedicated engineers, AOpen has allowed the creativity of their designers and engineers to bring the plain AOpen AX4B to a higher ground.

AOpen AX4B Tube, Socket , Intel (A) Motherboard | eBay

Recording of January Hence the dirty brown ring around your foreheads. Audiophile components such as Rel-Caps and Cardas wiring are used where applicable, and AOpen claims to have solved the problems of using tubes in a computer’s electrically noisy environment.

So really, why a Vacuum Tube? Here’s the full motherboard specifications: Some chalk it up to nostalgic silliness on the part of audiophiles clinging to old aopen ax4b, and fearing improvement.