I did learn that motherboards with metallic mounting holes should be screwed directly to the standoffs without plastic or paper washers. So I added the user to the audio group:. Being an electrical engineer, I wanted to comment on the washer use, because it brings up a good issue. But I still was not able to use the sound control within the Gnome session. So, with your fresh install immediately download all applicable updates. In programing, the sign is often used to insert comments into a program for later referance.

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Intel Core 2 Duo E Wolfdale 3.

setting bios correctly? (ASUS P5QL Pro)

Make sure the heatpipes face your RAM, per the instructions. Bring back the main forum list.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The trick was, since the Linux kernel p5q doesn’t support the Intel P45 Northbridge, is to run both OSs under Advanced Host Controller Interface AHCI which “is a programming specification which defines the operation of Serial ATA host-controllers also known as host bus adapters in a non implementation-specific manner” Wikipedia. The whole set up will eventually end up in my server later in ass year when I can afford a proper upgrade.

You will also note all of the solid state capacitors on this board, which replace the larger electrolytic ones on older boards. Also disable quick boot. But having experienced the ubiquitous cooling issues of 2.


Asus_P5QC – Ubuntu Wiki

I assus report that this drive works very well with the P5QC. After building the new quad core PCI realized that the sound was not working at first, I did not pay much attention to sound since this new build is used mainly as a headless node.

The Problem Since purchasing my first computer a DX4 clone back in late ’94 I’ve always built my own boxes; this being my 4th build among numerous upgrades to the three previous machines.

Windows is ssus accessing the drive so I assume it would not be proo for the SSD although the drive does advertise itself for Windows. I got the same problem with the driver and the DNS got messed up too. I left cfq as the scheduler for the conventional drives. As this board currently only appears to work with Ubuntu if AHCI mode is enabled, if you are building a multi-boot system, the other systems should be setup for AHCI mode.

If you’re installing Karmic and video drivers, or for that matter any drivers, be advised starting and stopping the X server has changed as explained below. February 8th, 2.


Also got some ultra-quiet case fans. Static electricity is also an issue. The first attempt the Snowball did not work but I plugged it in after the initial installation. And I won’t have to worry about cooling issues if I upgrade to quad core processor in the future.

Kerry D. Wong » Blog Archive » ASUS P5QL Pro Audio Configuration in Ubuntu (64 Bit)

CPU cooler fit great on this board it’s a rather large cooler with heatpipes that has problems with some board configurations – eg memory slots in the way. I went with Crucial’s Ballistix memory for stability, low latency, and the ability to overclock it a bit has heatsinks on the memory.


I’m planning on moving my old 2. A few days ago my beloved Abit NF7-S v2 died and I was very disappointed to discover that Abit ceased making motherboard at the end of Any idea what I should set it to it’s an intel E and the specs list the range as 0.

Everything went perfect and the system is remarkably fast. So as a reasonably cheap fix I’m considering changing the motherboard. The following “cookbook” process is an extrapolation, with a tweek or two of my own, from the following four URLs: I left the power management and other settings as they were.

This site uses cookies. So is anyone currently running this board, if so any problems. I’m not a gamer, but this board offers lots of options in the bios to overclock if you are into that.

I always keep partition backups so I’m not that concerned with failure.