The trick was, since the Linux kernel apparently doesn’t support the Intel P45 Northbridge, is to run both OSs under Advanced Host Controller Interface AHCI which “is a programming specification which defines the operation of Serial ATA host-controllers also known as host bus adapters in a non implementation-specific manner” Wikipedia. Chipset Chipset manufacturer Chipset manufacturer. Dual-channel PCI Express mode. You can use noop scheduler as an alternative to deadline http: An alternative if you want to keep your logs is to locate them on a conventional drive, or save their contents periodically or on poweroff. CPU Processor manufacturer Processor manufacturer.

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I always keep partition backups so I’m not that concerned with failure. Also got some ultra-quiet case fans. But I suppose I’ll get use to it. System will continue operating at minimum power and noise when ethfrnet is temporarily away. Registered buffered memory support Registered buffered memory support X. Nosing around on the ‘net I discovered there’s a method called slipstreaming whereby one can make an install CD of WinXP and include a number of items such as: PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice.

For the SSD partitions, I used ext3 but raised the commit time from 5 sec to sec and I may raise that furtherand also specify noatime. In short my machine is very happy running Karmic. Or sign in with one of these services. Socket count Socket count X. Etherne and Conclusion I decided to roll back to Kubuntu 8. Nevertheless, I’ve had no issues using the drive in AHCI mode I didn’t upgrade the firmware, but I can’t tell you what the firmware of my drive is – where to look?


This was as simple as: Spec is read and write. I’m planning on moving my old 2.

Because of the high frequencies involved on the board, those short routes to ground are not equivalent to the long route to ground to the power supply, which will not be as responsive a ground, and may also cause inductance in other components. By the way, while the tool loads and seems ethwrnet there is no icon in the K-menu – FYI.

I went with Crucial’s Ballistix memory for stability, low latency, and the ability to overclock it a bit has heatsinks on the memory. I tried installing the Asus-provided audio drivers ethwrnet this did NOT correct this issue. I’ve made no changes as yet but plan to mess with the drivers in the future as I’d like to use the ASUS supplied ones if possible.

The balance between better performance & superior overclocking capability

Power Motherboard power jack Motherboard power jack. The firmware of this drive is reported not to be fully AHCI compatible. Audio Audio controller presence Audio controller presence. Sign in with Twitter. I’m still trying to figure out the widgets stuff and how to get quick launch icons that are not available in the repositories into the taskbar.


Asus_P5QC – Ubuntu Wiki

I’m still in the process of learning how to work with kexts, as i have to do this to get my ethernnet card xfx nvidia GSOand onboard sound to work correctly. Reviews at Newegg indicated the motherboard industry is not what it use to be, or perhaps people assembling their own boxes these days are not etherndt to the task. Also, the manufacturer is taking a very active role in developing the firmware, so I’m sure full AHCI support is coming. RAM Triplel-channel mode support.

ASUS P5QC – motherboard – ATX – LGA Socket – P45 Overview – CNET

Chipset manufacturer Chipset manufacturer X. It works, but it’s a bit buggy and not nearly as configurable as the mature KDE 3. The build was uneventful. Therefore, as it’s used below, it will remove everything beginning with “nvidia.

Suspend and hibernate appear to work normally in minimal tests. It looks like it will be a very nice GUI in the future however.

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