One eBay I’ve seen 8T and 8B versions? It sure is fun though! On the multi-cells I cross them at 8kHz sharply. After fooling around with various midbass mods including a pair of 8 inch JBL drivers per Khorn , I finally setlled on Forte drivers to cover the hz. Thank you and I truly respect opinions and constructive criticism. I’d say the combo is the finest of heard in recreating the range from hz to around 12,hz.

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Carl, you are right – I am interested in learning about the sound of some of the larger drivers – just curios, but if any body has any input, I would love to hear from you. So far, it seems like those who have tried the B alteec ended up with Al’s horn.

I used Bob’s tweeters and crossovers, and the K-horns never sounded better. The time now is I’d be surprised if there is a real problem here. They sounded better than the Klipsch squawker horn for certain.

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Turn up the volume and you will hear it. Yes, the B mod is still popular.

I split the 3lb tub in half and applied it to each horn as shown in the picture. Loud is Beautiful if it’s Clean! I called my wife down to the soundroom she is my sanity check and has fabulous ears and faked a loud sneeze. Any requests I can probably sneak a few cuts onto the turntable Putting parafin in the horn lip.


Just a shame that my altfc have to sit on top. It’s all up from here. One inductor was a bit small, so I back wound a slightly larger one on a ferrite rod I had wound for another project and 5111b it. I also read good things about the Altec From what I gather here, there seems to be no need to dampen the outside surfaces behind the front plate, eg the body of the horn in back.

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I have used a spray product call “Quiet Kote” from Home Depot. See this thread for example Treble now is bright and airy with no unatural or over emphasised sibilance.

Go to though, I’d have to pick the AlNiCos. That allows me to cut the smaller Altec driver at hz, and it sounds much cleaner up there.

And you have a now?

Those sectoral horns really look interesting spectacular and much larger than the B. You want the best of both and can afford them, buy a prosound WG loaded ribbon if they still make them.


Has anyone else compared the Altec B to Al’s Trachorn? alec

The horns go down to 1K but they suggest no lower than 1. Excuse my ignorance, but doesn’t the fact that the flare of the Altec horn is algec and screwed to the front of the cabinet damp out any ringing? This was a cheap diy version of dynamat. Share This Page Tweet.

Amazing, cheap Altec 511b/811B $4 mod

However, those boxes altce with trim moldings made fine anchor points for hanging the s, and they’ve been 511n there for about 20 years now. Does any body have any experience with this horn. But when I do get s, I’ll buy new from Bill which means that will just push that upgrade further down the road for me. Any combination barring physical mounting issues would render a very high effeciency combination compared to any woofer in a box.