No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi. I need more information about your Alcor Micro reader. The eject event is not being sent through dbus ProblemType: Why does powering down a present card is a problem? Po-Hsu Lin, could you please provide the full computer model as noted on the sticker ex.

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AU9520 is a highly integrated single chip, USB Smart Card reader controller。

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I confirm that Ubuntu I have smart imcro reader built-into this laptop, however, whenever I insert a card – it’ll read it for a few seconds, then the USB connection to the reader gets powered down and thus the card disappears in the systems eyes.

Implemented as an USB full speed device with bulk transfer endpoint? Disclaimer Alcor Micro Corp. Comment 23 features the HP laptop.

Alcor Micro Au Driver – musicsbeach

Crystal Oscillator Output 12MHz. Ludovic Rousseau ludovic-rousseau-gmail wrote on Email me about changes to this bug report.


Installed on 0 days ago InstallationMedia: Edmund Laugasson ed-lau wrote on The normal CCID frame should be: Please generates a pcscd log as in 2 but without starting any application. This change was made by a bot.

Based on ISO implementation? Support dual slots for higher security application? See full activity log. Following is the application diagram of a typical card reader product with AU Changed in pcsc-lite Ubuntu: Open a file browser, and it’s not in the devices section auu the left column.

This is a brand new laptop and HP appear to have shipped it with their latest firmware. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.

Trademark Acknowledgements The company and product names mentioned in this document may be the trademarks or registered trademarks of their manufacturers. There are whole generation of PC-s at schools, which are using kicro smardcard reader and it is really annoying bug as there are at least several tens of thousands PC-s using that smardcard reader and since there is needed to downgrade libccid to get that smardcard reader to work Comment 22 features a working Lenovo laptop.


Anthony Wong anthonywong on A problem would be if the reader reports no card inserted when a card is inserted. Changed in linux Ubuntu: That is exactly what happens. Crystal Oscillator Input 12MHz.

The feedback resistor serves to bias the circuit ak its quiescent operating point and the AC coupling capacitor, Cs, is much larger than C1 and C2. No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi.

The following figure shows signal name for each pin and the table in the following page describes each pin in detail Figure 3. Maybe you can find a reader firmware update from Alcor Micro or HP. But in the case of the HP we have: