This is the technique used by FPD-Link. To detect shorts to ground, threshold voltage V REF is preferably about 0. The Automated Imaging Association AIA maintains and administers the standard because it is the industry’s global machine vision trade group. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The apparatus of claim 2 , wherein N is in a range from 5 to Method and apparatus for providing compensation against temperature, process and supply voltage variation.

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However, in Apple Computer needed a method to transfer multiple streams of digital video without overloading the existing NuBus on the backplane. The Automated Imaging Association AIA maintains and administers the standard because it is the industry’s global machine vision trade group.

The near-end terminating resistor however results in additional power loss in those resistors. LVDS uses differential data transmission to reduce susceptibility to common-mode noise. However, other applicable values of resistance will be readily determined by one of ordinary skill in the art. Thus, the differential signal swing still varies over process, voltage, and temperature PVT corners.

The apparatus of claim 1wherein the protection control circuit further comprises a comparator circuit configured to compare each line of the differential output of the main driver circuit to a voltage reference to determine whether or not a fault exists, the protection control circuit further comprising pullup resistors coupled to each line of the differential output, wherein the pullup resistors are active at least when a fault has been detected, wherein the pullup resistors permit reset of the protection control circuit.


The original LVDS standard only envisioned driving a digital signal from one transmitter to one receiver in a point-to-point topology.

The uncompressed video data has some advantages for certain applications. Camera Link standardizes video interfaces for scientific and industrial products including cameras, cables, and frame grabbers.

Low-voltage differential signaling

The first commercially successful application for LVDS was in notebook computers transmitting video data from graphics processing units to the flat panel displays using the Flat Panel Display Link by National Semiconductor. Thus, the driver self-terminwting self-terminated with an active termination as opposed to a passive termination. In addition, the use of only nMOS devices when in proximity to an output pin significantly reduces the power-off leakage as explained in greater detail in the following.

Data transmission system capable of transmitting interrupt signal without interrupt gate period.

In a typical implementation, the transmitter injects a constant current of 3. Fault detection circuits detect and prevent excessive current flow arising out of, for example, accidental short circuits to power or ground.

US7898295B1 – Hot-pluggable differential signaling driver – Google Patents

The next target application was transferring video streams through an external cable connection between a desktop computer and display, or a DVD player and a Cmmos. The middle waveform corresponds to a short condition when high.

Methods and devices for matching transmission line characteristics using stacked metal oxide semiconductor mos transistors. Driver circuit, receiver circuit, and method of controlling a communications system including the circuits.

Switch can be a transmission gate and switch can be a PMOS device or a transmission gate. In one embodiment, when less variability sflf-terminating output impedance is desired, a feedback mechanism can be incorporated to control the impedance variation.


The apparatus of claim 4wherein each of the steering switches is an NMOS transistor.

Method of signal transmission between semiconductor integrated circuits and output drive circuit for use therewith. There is also the technique to increase the data throughput by grouping multiple LVDS-with-embedded-clock data channels together. It should also be noted that in the illustrated embodiment, the current steering switches FIG. Methods and devices for matching transmission line characteristics using stacked metal oxide semiconductor MOS transistors.

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USB1 – Hot-pluggable differential signaling driver – Google Patents

A timing diagram of the circuit will be described later in connection with FIG. In contrast to conventional LVDS techniques, the self-termination improves efficiency. In parallel transmissions multiple data differential pairs carry several signals at once including a clock signal to synchronize the data. However, when the short disappears, the pullup resistors will eventually pull the voltage on the driver outputs higher than the reference voltage V REF of the comparators, and normal operation of the driver circuit is restored.

The key point in LVDS is the physical layer signaling to transport bits across wires. However, this is not parallel LVDS because there is no parallel clock and each channel has its own clock information.